Data privacy

The Internet and PrivacyEdit

Online privacy is the act of keeping personal information inaccessible to the general public, and maintaining personal control of the information. Data Tracking is a tactic frequently used by websites to monitor a users searches, webpages they visit, and their general usage of the internet.  

Ethical IssuesEdit

Multiple ethical issues arise concerning the topic of internet privacy, especially concerning personal data. Many users feel uncomfortable putting their trust into online websites which host sensitive data, such as a credit card data. This hesitancy is not unwarranted, as there have been multiple breaches of security in many online companies. A more recent break of security, is the Adobe Breach   

What Can We Do?Edit

Installing a few excellent add-ons for your browser can prevent a vast number of advertising trackers, as well as stop advertisements from showing up while browsing. One add on, is Ghostery. This add on will prevent trackers from following your internet history, and help keep you secure. Adblock Plus will prevent advertisements from showing at all, preventing the risk of accidentally clicking on a pop up, or other online ads. Other methods are listed on the Anonymity page.

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