Anonymity on the web refers to anonymous web browsing that hides user IP addresses and personal information. The reason for this kind of web browsing is to hide personal information from companies, other users, and more.

Some avenues that support this type of web browsing include TOR and proxy servers. However there are still ways to get around these techniques and completely anonymous browsing has not yet been achieved.

Anonymity can also refer to the anonymous identity many users create on the internet.


When connecting to the web users are sending information about their computer, location, and web sites being visited. This information can be used for many purposes. Some websites use the information to more accurately broadcast information pertinent to the user. However others have more devious plans.

For this reason many users wish to remain anonymous. The goal of anonymous web browsing is to hide personal information including where the user is, who the user is connecting to, and when they are connecting among other things.


There are a few ways to achieve anonymous web browsing. Some include downloading software that automatically encrypt personal information. Some more difficult techniques include manual manipulation on the part of the user.

Dedicated Anonymous BrowsersEdit

Dedicated anonymous web browser like TOR are downloadable software packets that will automatically hide personal information while browsing the internet. These browsers offer extremely easy to set up alternatives for anonymous browsing.

Dedicated Proxy ServersEdit

Dedicated proxy servers like Ninja Proxy offer anonymous browsing in the browser of your choice. By routing web queries through alternative proxy servers users anonymity is kept.

Anonymous RegistrationEdit

Often web pages that require registration ask for a lot of personal information including username and passwords. In order to keep your information safe please refer to this webpage which has good information on this topic.


Even with this massive push for online anonymity, individuals who wish to track someone will most likely find a way. With the resources available and ever changing technology spectrum many people have found ways to combat all of the techniques seen above.

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